Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Drop-off Centers

Most households have items such as cleaning fluids, mercury thermometers, paints and solvents that, in large quantities, are considered hazardous. To collect excess household hazardous waste (HHW), the County operates two collection centers; one located at the North Area Recovery Station (NARS) and the other which accepts only anti-freeze, batteries, oil and paint (ABOP) at the Kiefer Landfill. 

The City of Sacramento operates a HHW collection center under contract with the Sacramento Recycling and Transfer Station (SRTS). Businesses may also bring hazardous waste materials to NARS or SRTS, but will be charged fees for each type of material.

The City of Elk Grove operates a Special Waste Collection Center for residents and businesses that accepts HHW, tires, sharps, and unused medications. A Reuse Room is onsite for household items including paint, cleaners, pool supplies, and clean wood. This facility also accepts recyclables that may not fit into your recycling cart at home.

For details on each facility and a list of acceptable and unacceptable materials, please click on the links below.

NOTICE: The City of Citrus Heights has chosen not to participate in the County Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) collection program. Thus, Citrus Heights residents are not eligible to bring HHW to either the County's NARS facility or the County's Kiefer ABOP facility.


 Entrance to the Kiefer Landfill

Kiefer Landfill


 North Area Recovery Station

North Area Recovery Station


Sacramento Recycling and Transfer Station

Recycling and Transfer Station


Sacramento Recycling and Transfer Station

Elk Grove Special Waste Collection Center