Curbside Used Motor Oil, Cooking Oil & Oil Filter Recycling


Used motor oil, cooking oil and oil filters are collected on the same day as mixed recycling. Please follow the guidelines below when placing your used motor oil, cooking oil and oil filters at the curb:

Used motor oil may only be set out on mixed recycling days


  • Place oil in a rigid or semi-rigid plastic container not to exceed five (5) quarts in size (examples include juice jugs, five (5) quart motor oil container, detergent bottle, 2-liter soda bottle, milk jug, or water jug).
  • Container top must be securely closed to prevent any spillage (e.g. screw-top lid).
  • All snap top lids must be taped shut.
  • Oil filters must be placed in a sealed plastic bag (please drain your filters before bagging).
  • Do not place oil filters in the mixed recycling container.
  • Do not contaminate used motor oil or cooking oil by mixing it with other automotive fluids.
  • Used motor oil, cooking oil and oil filters will be collected on the same day that your mixed recycling container is serviced.
  • We request that residents put out no more than three (3) gallons of oil per recycling collection day.
  • Used motor oil, cooking oil and oil filters should be placed on the ground at least three (3) feet away from the mixed recycling container.
  • Learn more about recycling used motor oil and oil filters in Sacramento County. 

View examples of proper and improper curbside oil and oil filters set-out guidelines.



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