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Acids (common household acids)
Aerosol cans (empty)

Accepted at North Area Recovery Station Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility and can be recycled in your curbside mixed recycling bin.  

Aerosol cans (full, hazardous waste)
Ammunition (bullets, etc.,)

UNACCEPTABLE:  Our facilities do not accept ammunition or materials containing ammunition.

Animal excrement (commercial, hobby kennels, other commercial businesses)

UNACCEPTABLE:  Our facilities do not accept animal excrement from commercial or hobby kennels or other commercial businesses. 

Animal excrement (large amounts)

​Accepted at Kiefer Landfill with restrictions.  A Waste Clearance Application must be submitted and approved prior to delivery.  Must contain 50% or greater solids by weight.

Animal excrement (small amounts)

​Accepted at North Area Recovery Station and Kiefer Landfill with restrictions. Animal excrement must be deposited in a public or residential garbage can, provided the animal excrement is wrapped in a closed, leak-proof bag or container and makes up no more than 10% of the total volume of the can.

Animals, dead, carcasses, animal parts (household pets)

​Accepted at North Area Recovery Station and Kiefer Landfill.  May be disposed in the general waste stream. 

Animals, dead, carcasses, animal parts (large, farm animals, dead animals in quantity)

​Accepted at Kiefer Landfill with restrictions.  Subject to Hard to Handle Fees and Special Handling days and hours.

Appliance (air conditioning units, air refrigeration, freezers, and/or storage units containing refrigerants from households, and/or large commercial/industrial units)

Accepted at North Area Recovery Station and Kiefer Landfill.  All food items must be removed.

Appliances (stoves, washing machines, dryers, water heaters, ovens, dish washers)
Asbestos (friable)

UNACCEPTABLE:  Our facilities do not accept friable asbestos or materials containing friable asbestos.

Asbestos (non-friable)

Accepted at Kiefer Landfill with restrictions:  Non-friable asbestos is not subject to regulation as hazardous wastes under Title 22, Division 4.5 of the California Code of Regulations regardless of asbestos content. 

Procedures at Kiefer Landfill

It is accepted at Kiefer Landfill on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00 am to 2:30 pm for $60/ton.  In cases where a load is uncertain as to its hazard, material must be tested by the California Department of Public Health. 

Driver must notify scale attendant that non-friable asbestos material is in the load.  If the non-friable asbestos containing waste is part of a mixed load and cannot be isolated, the entire load will be considered as non-friable asbestos and handled appropriately.  Without exception, all non-friable asbestos-containing material 4 feet or shorter in length must be contained in bags.

The on-site County Assistant Waste Management Specialist or Landfill Operations Supervisor or other designated representative will reject any asbestos material that exhibits friable characteristics or is suspected of containing other prohibited or hazardous wastes.

Batteries (auto)

​Accepted at North Area Recovery Station Household Hazardous (HHW) Facility and Kiefer Landfill Special Waste Facility. Maximum 2 batteries per visit. 

Batteries (household, lead acid, alkaline, lithium, nickel cadmium)

Accepted at North Area Recovery Station Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility and at Kiefer Landfill Special Waste Facility.  Batteries can be dropped off at many retailers.  Additional information on battery recycling is included at the Earth 911 siteIt is illegal to dispose of household batteries in the garbage because they contain cadmium, cobalt, and iron which increase the toxicity of our landfills.  


​Accepted at Kiefer Landfill with restrictions.  Boat hulls must be stripped of all metals, cables, electronics, fuel tanks, and motors.  Must be free of all liquids, and any other unacceptable materials.  Must provide proper documentation of ownership.

Brake fluid
Burning, smoldering material

UNACCEPTABLE:  Our facilities do not accept burning or smoldering materials.

Cardboard (cardboard, corrugated paper)

Accepted at North Area Recovery Station and Kiefer Landfill for disposal.  Carpet can be recycled at Zanker's Florin-Perkins Recycling Facility.  

Clay (without metal)
Commercial loads (50% or more of items such as car seats, furniture)
Commercial waste (conditionally-exempt small quantity generator waste)

​May be accepted at County facilities on a case-by-case basis.  These may require special handling, a Waste Clearance Application, and an appointment as deemed appropriate by County staff.  Contact Ken Pereira at (916) 876-9458 for additional information.

Construction, demolition, land clearing waste

​Accepted at North Area Recovery Station with restrictions:  asphalt, concrete, masonry, stumps, rocks and other bulky items must be no greater than 36 inches in any direction and Kiefer Landfill.  


Containers, empty (5-gallon containers or less that previously held a hazardous waste)

​Accepted at North Area Recovery Station and Kiefer Landfill with restrictions.  They must meet the definition of empty in Section 66261.7 of Title 22 California Code of Regulations.  Fiber drums generated by private individuals may be disposed at our Recovery Station provided they are open at one end.  Metal drums are accepted at both Kiefer Landfill and the Recovery Station, however they must have both the top and bottom removed or have been cut in half lengthwise and crushed.

Containers, empty (greater than 5 gallons and previously held hazardous waste)

UNACCEPTABLE:  Our facilities do not accept empty containers greater than 5 gallons that previously held hazardous waste.

Cooking oil (household)
Cylinders (1-lb propane gas cylinders)

​Accepted at North Area Recovery Station Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Facility. The California Product Stewardship Council has been working with our Department and other partners on CalRecycle grant-funded projects to promote the use of 1 lb. refillable propane gas cylinders to reduce the number of disposable 1 lb. cylinders entering the waste stream. As part of the project outreach the partners developed a campaign dubbed ReFuel Your Fun to help promote the project in the Sacramento area.  For additional information see       Website - and Facebook -

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