​​​​​S​​ign up for Waste Management and Recycling News & Updates
S​​ign up for Waste Management and Recycling News & Updates

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Did you know? Some common​ items CANNOT be accepted in Sacramento County recycling carts, such as: 

  • Film plastics, like plastic bags, plastic food wrap, plastic food storage bags, bubble wrap, etc. goes in the garbage cart.
  • Shredded paper (which must be bagged and placed in your garbage cart to prevent windblown litter). 
  • Cartons.  There are two types of cartons.  Refrigerated cartons are for products such as milk, juice, cream, and egg substitutes and shelf-stable cartons are for products such as juice, milk, soy milk, soup, broth and wine.  Both should be placed in the garbage cart. - NEW January 2019

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Who We Are

Welcome to Sacramento County's Department of Waste Management and ​​Recycling website. Our services include collection of materials from the unincorporated areas of Sacramento County, as well as the North Area Recovery Station and Kiefer Landfill. Review our site to see how our award-winning services, facilities, and programs reflect a high-level commitment to public service.

Our Commitment

Our County's commitment to regional sustainability is reflected in our initiatives and partnerships, including:

  • Recycling of 74% of our waste that would have otherwise been landfilled
  • Construction of a CNG fueling station to service our south county collections area
  • Complete conversion of our collection fleet trucks to natural gas, and utilization of sheep for lawncare management; both initiatives resulted in winning a Breathe 2015 Sacramento County Award
  • Production of electricity from Kiefer Landfill gas
  • Distributing free household products through its Reuse Program
  • Planting 135 native oak trees at Kiefer Landfill to covering the barren hill with a beautiful landscape while helping to filter ground water and provide habitat for native wildlife.
  • Using recycled tire-derived aggregate for construction of roadways and tipping areas at Kiefer Landfill​

For Your Information

PaintCare Program Launched in California

PaintCare Program Launched in California

Sacramento County residents now have many more options for recycling old paint. PaintCare offers convenient paint recycling drop-off service at numerous paint retailers throughout Sacramento County.

WMR Receives International Award

WMR Receives International Award

The Solid Waste Association of North America recognized our Integrated Solid Waste Management Systems with the Gold Award.

Don't Rush to Flush

Don't Rush to Flush

Don't Rush To Flush is a program that provides secure "take back" bins at locations throughout Sacramentocounty. This is a safe and convenient way to dispose of unused or expired medications so they are not "flushed" into our water system.