Bulky Waste Collection

Appointment-Based Neighborhood Clean Up and Bulky Waste Collection

Residents in our service area are entitled to one bulky waste collection per calendar year at no charge. Pick-up is limited to five cubic yards, or a pile about 8’ x 4’ x 4’, which is about the size of a pickup truck bed loaded to the top of the cab. Larger piles are subject to additional charges.  Additional pick-ups may be scheduled for only $25 each.

Acceptable/Unacceptable Materials:  (brochure

The brochure above lists which types of materials are acceptable or unacceptable for your bulky waste collection.  For more information on waste acceptability, visit the A to Z Materials Guide.

Schedule a Bulky Waste Pickup:

To schedule an appointment for Bulky Waste Pickup, complete the online form (one annual pickup is free, additional scheduled pickups are charged).


  • Place materials out no more than 24 hours before pick-up
  • Place in front of your property line and on same side of street
  • Keep pile clear of other objects,  including cars
  • Do not block sidewalks and traffic

Customer Service:

You can reach Customer Service by calling 916-875-5555, completing a Customer Service Online Form, or by sending an email to Customer Service Email.  They can help you with can delivery, replacement, repairs, exchanges, missed service, billing inquiries, etc. 

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