Curbside Recycling

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S​​ign up for Waste Management and Recycling News & Updates

recycleCan.png​Residents in our service area receive recycling collection service every-other week. The County provides blue recycling carts in three sizes, 30, 60, or 90 gallons.  You can request a different size cart or you can receive an extra cart, which is available at no cost.  

Acceptable/Unacceptable Materials:

2019 Curbside Collection Services Brochure 

The A to Z Materials Guide lists which types of materials are acceptable or unacceptable for your curbside recycling collection cart.


Curbside Collection Used Motor Oil/Filters and Cooking Oil Recycling:

The County collects used motor oil, used oil filters, and cooking oil on the same day as your garbage day. -January 2019

Please follow the guidelines below when placing your used motor oil, used oil filters, and cooking oil at the curb:

  • Place oil in rigid or semi-rigid plastic one gallon containers with lids taped shut.
  • Max is three (3) one gallon containers per collection.
  • Oil filters must be drained and placed in a sealed plastic bag.
  • Place used motor oil, used oil filters, and cooking oil 3 feet away from the garbage cart.
  • Contaminated oil will not be collected.
  • Other motor oil recycling options are available in the Sacramento area.


Removing recyclables from a curbside cart is considered scavenging and is a crime pursuant to Section 6.20.160 of the Sacramento County Code.  To report scavenging, call the Sacramento County Information hotline at 916-875-5656 or TDD 916-875-7105.

Customer Service:

You can reach Customer Service by calling 916-875-5555, complete a Customer Service Online Form, or email Customer Service​. They can help you with​ cart ​delivery, replacement, repairs, exchanges, missed service, billing inquiries, etc.


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